Mississippi Law Enforcement Have Been Illegally Seizing Property

(Feature Graphic Credit: Lisa Merklin of The Virginian-Pilot)

The Associated Press is reporting that Mississippi law enforcement agencies have been seizing cash, guns and vehicles illegally.  This is mainly due to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director, John Dowdy, not knowing the law had expired on June 30.  Apparently, he was informed by a Rankin County prosecutor.  The new law requires Mississippi law enforcement agencies to sue and get a judge’s approval before seizing anything worth less than $20,000.  The AP’s review of a Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics database shows at least 60 illegal seizures by state and local law enforcement agencies.  The estimated worth of these illegal seizures is ~$200,000.  I am appalled and shocked by this travesty of justice.  After reading the AP story, we are to believe a former prosecutor was ignorant to the change in the law and that this was all a honest mistake.  I don’t buy that for one second.  Why?  First, how does a former prosecutor not know the law and head a major agency in Mississippi?  Second, why is there no investigation into why these law enforcement agencies were illegally seizing private property?  Third, why has noone been reprimanded or fired?  Finally, why has the illegally seized property not been returned?  Needless to say, I will be following this story!  Hopefully, justice will be served, but I doubt it 😞.   Unfortunately, I can only hope that someone in power realizes Mississippi law enforcement needs to make serious changes to how they do business 😭!


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