Detroit Police Officers Charged for Misconduct in Home Invasion

(Feature Image Credit: Wikipedia)

The Detroit News is reporting that Detroit police Sgt. Paul Glaza and Officer Bradley Clark have been charged with second-degree home invasion, misconduct in office, malicious destruction of property under $200 and entering without a homeowner’s permission.  The story outlined by FOX 2 Detroit explains how the two Detroit police officers illegally entered Tashar Cornelius’ residence, trashed his residence, arrested Tashar for being a felon in possession of a taser and kept him in jail for 36 hours without filing charges for a crime!  Now, to be frank with you, this story wrenched my stomach.  If you do your research, you’ll find Tashar actually asked the officers for a search warrant and, then, closed the door on them when they failed to produce one.  The two police officers then decided to forcefully and illegally enter the home and ransacked Tashar’s residence.  When they couldn’t find the person they were supposedly looking for, they arrested Tashar for being a felon in possession of a taser.  If it wasn’t for a police supervisor who reviewed the body cam footage, nothing would have been done on Tashar’s behalf! After the footage was reviewed, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office learned of this grievous injustice and filed charges.  Unfortunately, in a blow to public trust in the community, the Detroit Police Department has only suspended the two police officers with pay.  In my mind, this is a slap on the wrist!  Police violating constitutional rights by performing illegal searches, especially in homes, is a big deal and a grievous injustice to the victim and public trust.  Now, I understand police have a tough job and all cops aren’t bad but actions like this should be publicly denounced!  Therefore, I applaud the Wayne County Prosecutor for stepping up to protect Tashar’s constitutional rights and civilly condemn the two police officers for their actions.   Furthermore, I would like to see these two officers fired and a public apology given by the police department for allowing public trust to be violated!  But, I won’t hold my breathe!


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