Ocasio-Cortez: “Electoral College… (is) a shadow of slavery’s power on America… and undermines our nation…”

(Feature Image Credit: Comedy Central)

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Stephen, did you just make this story up to rant and rave against socialism again?”

The answer is no:

And, the Democratic Coalition is completely behind her:

Now, if you want ‘just the facts,’ the Electoral College was created because the framers did not trust direct democracy.  In fact, the idea of an electoral college was to keep away from the “tyranny of the majority,” so you’d think minorities would want to support the concept.  Yet, inexplicably, Ocasio-Cortez does not.  It also fascinates me that the Democratic Party would push the idea after losing the presidency, but that is gossip and hearsay 😉.  Back to being on point, the claim that the Electoral College is undermining our democratic republic is also ridiculous.  The Electoral College consist of electors equal to its Congressional representation (including D.C.).  Additionally, each state has laws in regards to how electors can actually vote.  Therefore, in my opinion, the Electoral College is not only a fantastic safeguard against the “tyranny of the majority” but a fantastic check-and-balance on who can be elected to the office of the President on Election Day.  What really bothers me about this story, though, is that a socialist is ranting and raving about what she considers right and wrong in a republic!  Last time I checked, republics and socialist states are different!  Not to mention, I don’t like her politics.  But, I guess that is something I’ll have to live with 😔!



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