Dale Kerns Snubbed

(Feature Image Credit: Ballotpedia)

Reason has published an article stating Dale Kerns was snubbed from a spot in an October 20 senatorial debate.  The League of Women Voters initially invited Kerns but WPVI-TV overruled the decision.  WPVI-TV said they did this because Kerns’ poll numbers were to low.

Honestly, if you’ve been following Libertarian Party politics this is nothing new.  Even though 46% of registered voters want to see more of a third party,  it is an incredible uphill battle.  For example, the Libertarian National Committee has only taken in about $3 million since January 1, 2017.  Small beans compared to the Republican National Committee’s over $243 million and the Democratic National Committee’s over $125 million in the same time period.  Additionally, about 26% of the voting population identifies as Republican and 27% of the voting population identifies as Democrat.  According to Wikipedia, there only about 511,000 Libertarians which accounts for just ~.325% of the ~ 157,600,000 registered voters.   This, of course, makes a huge problem for notoriety and marketing as well.  For example, the total cost of for winning a U.S. House seat in 2008 cost over $1 million dollars!  And, that was in 2008!

I, though, argue the future is bright for the LP as a whole!  The Libertarian Party has surged in registrations by 92% in the last 10 years and there are 186 Libertarians who hold elective office in state and local governments!  Not to mention, the people that make up the LP are both wonderful and inspiring.  Moreover, the LP is dedicated to individual rights, private property and personal freedoms in a way the Republicans and Democrats would be scared of pursuing.  In this sense, the LP is the party of unyielding principle unseen in modern times.  But, since it is only 2018, and the LP is still in its infancy, we must stay strong when our candidates get snubbed.  Therefore, I openly encourage you to talk about Mr. Kerns’ snub, express your disgust and civilly request WPVI-TV to change their mind.  As we mustn’t forget, today’s sacrifices are tomorrow’s successes.  One day, the LP will be a major it will be because of our sacrifices right here and right now!


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